Simply Raw Simply Me( RawMi) pronounced /Raw,Me/

The Journey Here

2019 I changed. I began to read more, become more aware of myself. For the first time in my life, I began to work solely on myself, Re-learning myself as a woman. I worked on Establishing, believing and receiving who God says I am and not "they",  And with this awakening, everything changed. They say if you want to find God , Go within. In doing this internal work- I had no idea my views on all things would change. RawMi is not just about hair, it is an artistic expression of be being true to myself, to love my self, and to always walk in my authenticity. To accept my flaws and kiss the scars they have left. To fully and purely accept and love me for me.

What we have to offer (for now)

Completely Raw Hair Extensions and Lifestyle Products.

Lasts years(no lifespan).

No Recycled hair. 100% completely Raw. What is Recycled hair? Recycled hair is sold to manufacturers for processing and export. The hair arrives at the manufacturer in huge burlap bags in hundreds of millions of tangled balls. Each strand ranging from 4” - 40” is manually sorted by length before it can be cleansed. All the hair is used, including that which many contain lice, color, grey, dirt and oil – anything that can be exported as hair is sold by weight. Hair is then bathed in a sodium chloride wash to remove (shave off) the cuticle.The acid wash removes pigment from the hair causing it to be lighter in tone. Manufacturers would either proceed with processing or dye it a natural tone such as 1b.Hair is hackled to mix lengths; ratio of short to long strands are based on price. At this point manufacturers may blend in synthetic or animal fibers.The hair is then wefted and then steam or chemically processed again for color processing(613, blue, red, etc) or a new pattern will be created(loose wavy, deep wavy, body wave). Finally the hair is coated with Silicone.This coating acts as a temporary cuticle layer. It reduces initial tangling but once it wears off, the hair will dry out and begin to tangle excessively.This  why most companies give their hair a life span. 3 month, 6 months, 1-2 years etc.

Hours &

Ways to Order

Monday-Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday 10am-3pm

Sunday Closed

Email rawmihair@gmail.com

Phone: 404-919-1515

Social Media @rawmihair

In-Store: 527 Irwin St 

Atlanta GA 30312


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