Rawmi Hair

Raw Imported Coconut Oil 1.25 oz


RawMi Raw Coconut Milk is Imported from Southern India in a land jammed between the sea and coastal mountains. This area is subject to the monsoon rains that flood the land and rice paddies on the subcontinent’s southern tip. Long growing seasons yield a coconut crop every 40 days. Nutrients from the sea and coastal mountains are imparted into the coconut during it's life span- from seed to fruit.

The natives call the abounding trees  “the trees of heaven.” They use the coconuts themselves for food, coco water, hair care, skin care, cooking etc

Our Raw Milk is 

🎯anti inflammatory
🎯Loaded with Vitamin E
🎯kills off yeast on the skin/scalp
🎯kills bacteria
🎯locks in moisture

After usage and research we have observed the following.

  1. Significant reduction in hair shedding during wash day.
  2. 25% growth increase. Which is equivalent to 2 1/2-3 quarters (of an inch) in additional growth. Compared to the normal rate of hair growth 1/4”-1/2” (inches) of growth per month. 
  3. Decrease in scalp buildup during 2-3 week braid down protective styles. Applying to scalp every 4-5 days.
  4. Increase moisture in skin naturally after 7 days of usage.
  5. Increase moisture balance whithin each in the hair strands after 30 days of usage.

Testing included.

1. Tying hair strands down nightly with a satin or silk scarf.

2. Using all Aveda products for cleansing, conditioning,coloring, treatments, and Thermal Protection of hair strands.


Give our Raw Coconut Milk a try to reveal lustrous and illuminating hair and skin. 

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